25 January 2016


When my afternoon is free, which doesn't really happen often, it usually looks like this. Snacks, making to-do lists, Instagram and some TV series or movie.  
I absolutely love macarons. These are from Marks&Spencer and I adore the glowing and kinda glittery colours. They're so delicious and my favorite sweet ever. I really want to try to make macarons at home some day even though the recipe is quite complicated. Do you know any experienced recipes?
What do you do in your free afternoon? ♥


  1. Nádhera, makronky jsou vynikající! :)

  2. MMM yummy they look amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us darling. Visit me www.its-dominica.blogspot.co.uk whenever you can. Kisses, Dominica S. xXx


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