03 March 2015

spring break - gran canaria

Hey, lovely readers! ♥ 
At the weekend I came back from our family trip in Gran Canaria! I’ve been having such a good holiday mood and I'm already looking forward to be back. It was an exciting escape from the dull winter here in Prague and I really enjoyed it. We've had a wonderful time - tanning and laying on the beach, swimming in the infinity pools, eating delicious hotel meals, shopping and going on morning walks. It was warm but not too hot, about 25 degrees. This wasn't my first visit in Spain (or Portugal) but I noticed how nice and kind are people in these countries. They look and act happy and friendly! Why can't everyone be just like that?

I was amazed by the infinity pools and the sea view!♥

This was taken on the first day so my hand looks really pale here :D

This flower path was my favorite place before every sunset...:)

This beach was the one we were visiting every day:)

The hotel view was pretty amazing!♥

The sea was quite cold, but we were swimming every day!

Outfit pictures are coming soon:)

So this was my week in heaven! ♥ What about your spring break?


  1. Ty fotky jsou zase tak dokonalý, jak to děláš?:((:D Doufám, že ještě nějaký článek z dovolené vydáš, protože tenhle je úžasný a plný překrásných fotek. ❤ :)

    1. Dekuju moc:)) jojo urcite jeste neco bude:)


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