18 November 2014


Good afternoon! My school started at 10 am today, so I had a very calm start to the day. As I don't have that much work for school, I thought I can show you some of my recent fall purchases :) I gathered some of my new clothes, beauty products and accessories. Do you have some fall must-haves, or just new favorites?

sweaters from H&M

beauty set from Victoria's Secret

statement necklaces from Takko

smoky eyes-palette from Bourjois Paris and grey eyeliner from Estée Lauder

(Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but it's impossible to take any good pictures during these dull and rainy days...)

12 November 2014

wednesday's macarons

What is better than a few delicious macarons in these dull and gloomy days? The last days at school has been quite tiring, that means a little pleasure never hurt anyone! Have a nice day! ♥ 

07 November 2014

beige coat

coat - F&F / pants, scarf - H&M / bag - Mango / shoes - New Balance