12 April 2014

spring picnic

It was such a nice weather last friday - about 22°C! - so I and my best friend went to 'blossomed' Petrin and had a small spring picnic there. We ate a lot of food - pancakes with apricot jam and caramel sauce, a box of strawberries and grapes, delicious macarons, chocolate cookies, iced coffee, strawberry smoothies .... and then we thought that we're going to die, we were so full! It's been a great time, we talked and took loads of photos too. 

The weather has quickly changed (this week) , mornings are pretty cold, and the sun is hardly ever shining. I hope that warm days are going to show up soon in their full 
beauty and don't fade away for a long time. 
♥ Good night ♥


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