28 March 2014

let's celebrate

My 15th birthday was such a nice experience. Officially it was on March the 23rd, and I celebrate it that day with my family. I got a bag and lipgloss from Victoria's Secret, dry shampoos from Timotei, some pounds for a trip to England and headphones. The other day - on Monday - my bestie baked fantastic chocolate muffins for me and gave me a present - Matthew Williamson: The rich is back! palette from Benefit ! So beautiful ♥ 
And today I went to a café with my girls and afterwards we took many photos in fructiferous park nearby the café. It was so nice and we deeply enjoyed it. Although these celebrations ended as quickly as they started, I love it and I'm really grateful for everything my family and friends did for me ♥ Thank you ♥


My friends are gorg ♥


Thank you for your comments ♥