31 December 2014

page 365 of 365

The last day of 2014 is here and I have to say that this year was amazing. I learnt a lot, discovered new interesting places and met new people. I hope that your year was beautiful and the next one will be even more! Wish you all the best, HAPPY NEW YEAR!♥♥♥













28 December 2014

merry christmas

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas and all your dreams will come true! I've been waiting for the holidays for so long. It's awesome to just calm down and relax for a couple of days. My Christmas has been brilliant and I don't want it to end. I'm spending these days with my family. I hope that you get everything you wished for. I get a lots of beautiful gifts and I'm very thankful for them. Enjoy your Christmas break! 

18 November 2014


Good afternoon! My school started at 10 am today, so I had a very calm start to the day. As I don't have that much work for school, I thought I can show you some of my recent fall purchases :) I gathered some of my new clothes, beauty products and accessories. Do you have some fall must-haves, or just new favorites?

sweaters from H&M

beauty set from Victoria's Secret

statement necklaces from Takko

smoky eyes-palette from Bourjois Paris and grey eyeliner from Estée Lauder

(Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but it's impossible to take any good pictures during these dull and rainy days...)

12 November 2014

wednesday's macarons

What is better than a few delicious macarons in these dull and gloomy days? The last days at school has been quite tiring, that means a little pleasure never hurt anyone! Have a nice day! ♥ 

07 November 2014

beige coat

coat - F&F / pants, scarf - H&M / bag - Mango / shoes - New Balance

08 October 2014

naked 3

Today I would like to show to you the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, which I have bought in Sephora in Portugal during my summer vacation. I've always wanted this palette, so I couldn't leave it there. Now I'm using it almost everyday and I'm very satisfied with it.
The whole palette is simply gorgeous, the shadows are very beautiful and pigmented with a soft, easy to blend formula and almost all of them are applied and worn very well.