30 December 2013

recap of 2013

Hey! I've had an amazing year, it happened a lot of things. So I think it would be really nice to show you at least a few photos. :)) 


We went to Gran Canaria, it was incredibly nice ♥ I miss this week!

It was my birthday! I got a lot of nice presents and a Canon camera ♥

April - May
Easter, early summer, fun with girls ♥

we had a lot of fun with friends and family ♥ I also had a graduation concert with saxophone

incredibly nice week with Natalyy in Beskydy mountains

golf camp, vacation at grandma's, fun, sun, pool, colorful flowers, tasty food 

back to school, but it was so nice to see my friends again



We had an amazing week in Portugal!... sea, beach, food, time with family, relaxing, shopping, beautiful flowers, and then ... Christmas! incredibly wonderful time with your family ♥ ♥ ♥

I wish you all a happy new year 2014, good luck, health and love! thank you for your support and reading my blog! 

26 December 2013

algarve day 4 & day 5

During the 4th and 5th day we traveled. We went to Lagos and Albufeira - very beautiful towns. I love the atmosphere. These days was a little colder, but not that much, just 16°C. These trips were really cozy and nice.


 it was very windy ahahah :D